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Technical Articles and Trip Reports

Goodyear's NASCAR tires at Atlanta in 2008 caused problems. As usual Paul has an opinion and an explanation of "give-up". Read more.


Interview with Rob White, now Renault F1 Engine Technical Director. Uploaded 9/25/06.

Trouble with NASCAR tires in 2005 at Lowe's. Read what Paul has to say.

Paul's Comments on the 2005 USGP. Michelin has seriously fouled their nest.

Race Tech. Updated 1/31/2001. A series of pages explaining some basic aerodynamic concepts as used in racing.

NASCAR Brickyard Test pages, Uploaded 7/12/03. A page of people photos and a page of aero stuff.

2002 USGP Trip Report. Uploaded 10/1/02. This is a page of people photos.

Springfield AMA TT motorcycle race. Uploaded 5/28/02. Two pages of photos and a conversation with Flat Track Champion Chris Carr.

Interview with Jim Hall and Brian Redman. Uploaded 3/25/02 Three pages of photos, Chaparral photos, and an interesting conversation at the vintage race at Road America.

Boyd Butler is "Dr. Gas." Uploaded 12/5/01. Photos and info on an exhaust system used on most of the Winston Cup cars. You could have one on your street car!

2001 USGP Report: I spent three days at Indy during the USGP and had some interesting conversations. Also good photos of cars and people.

2001 USGP Start Page: 10/9/01 Five pages. Lots of photos.

6/15/01: Ohlins 7-post Shaker Rig. I traveled to North Carolina to see a test at the new Ohlins 7-post rig.

6/15/01: Part 1: The Rig.

6/25/01: Part 2: The Test .

7/4/01: Part 3: Shaker-rig Test Data.

7/30/01: Part 4: Shaker Rig Q & A.

CART Long Beach Trip Report: Uploaded 4/11/01. A page of people photos and a page of aero photos.

Commentary on the life and death of Dale Earnhardt. Uploaded 4/2/01.

Talking with a Driver about Tires Do you know how a swaybar works? Uploaded 7/17/2000.

Want to Work in Racing? How to get a job in racing. Updated 7/17/2000.

Cosworth NASCAR Engine: Photos and description of what's to come now that Cosworth is a part of Ford Racing. Uploaded 5/18/00.

Eibach Springs, 3 pages explaining the benefits of and the manufacturing process for cold-wound coil springs, uploaded 4/5/99. This article appeared in Racecar Engineering magazine.

Engineering in Club Racing: 3 pages on D Sports Racing cars. Uploaded 1/4/99. This article appeared in Racecar Engineering magazine.

Claude Rouelle's race engineering seminar. An explanation of racecar suspension. Uploaded 3/2/99. This article appeared in Racecar Engineering magazine.

Pre-Bedding Brakes. Uploaded 10/11/99

Tire treatments, much more than softeners are banned by most racing organizations but widely used anyway. I really enjoyed writing and publishing this article. 11/1/99

Book Reviews: 10/28/99. The Shock Abosorber Handbook and The Ohlins TT44 Manual are reviewed. One of them is worth buying.

Trip and Race Reports

5/22/01: Ted and Nancy at Spa: Nancy James drives a Radical racecar at the famous Spa-Francorchamps course.

4/12/01: CART Long Beach Report: An introduction page and a page on CART aero doodads.

11/4/00: Clemson Univ. Motorsports Program: A report on the best Motorsports Engineering program in the world.

7/19/00: AMA race at the Springfield Mile: Four pages.

5/25/00: Indy 500 Qualifying Report: Five pages.

4/11/00: Indy 500 Open Test Report: Two pages.

2/28/00: U.K. Trip Report: Five pages. 1) The Autosport main show, including fluff. 2) The engineering show. 3) Dampers at the Autosport show. 4) More on the show. 5) The Donington Collection.

2/13/00: CART Spring Training Report: Three pages with photos and comments.

11/7/99: Goodyear quitting CART and IRL was a surprise to some, but I wrote about it last April.

11/7/99: Bonneville Report. This interesting report is by Chuck Hallum, an ex-aerospace engineer now deceased. Chuck was possessed of an inquiring mind and is much missed.

Anonymous correction of my description of a Gurney Eagle aero doo-dad. Uploaded 10/18/99.

Chicago CART report start page. Uploaded 8/29/99

  1. Thursday, a test day. Uploaded 8/27/99
  2. Brian Berthold back engineering Robby at Team Gordon. Uploaded 8/29/99

NASCAR test at Sears Point. Uploaded 5/14/99

  1. Track map, photos of cars on course, drivers' press conference.
  2. Photos of cars, suspension details.

1999 Indy 500 Reports:

  1. 5/19/99 Report from Jeff Braun. Uploaded 5/19/99
  2. 5/21/99 Report # 2 from Jeff. Uploaded 5/21/99

Visit to Penske Racing Shocks. Uploaded 5/14/99

CART Nazareth trip report: Go to the Nazareth Start Page.

  1. Tech photos by Mark Kohler. Uploaded 5/18/99
  2. AAR Eagle aero details. Uploaded 5/7/99
  3. People at Nazareth. Uploaded 5/7/99
  4. Where'd that Lola come from? Uploaded 5/6/99
  5. Aero doodads. Uploaded 5/7/99

Long Beach trip report Long Beach Start Page. Eight pages, lots of photos. Updated 4/27/99.

  1. Behind the scenes shock support.
  2. AP clutches.
  3. Trans-Am cars at Long Beach.
  4. Is Goodyear giving up in CART?
  5. A talk with Tony Cicale, engineer/coach.
  6. Juan Montoya wins his first race.
  7. David Bruns and his AAR Eagle mods.
  8. Other racecars, other designers.

Phoenix trip report, Intro, IRL, NASCAR Trucks, FF 2000. Nine pages in all. Uploaded 3/30 to 4/3/99.

  1. Trucks, suspension details.
  2. Trucks, aero details.
  3. Truck race.
  4. FF 2000 cars.
  5. FF 2000 cars & drivers.
  6. Indy Racing League practice.
  7. IRL cars and people.
  8. IRL suspension details.





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