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uploaded 10/1/2002

2002 USGP

These photos were taken September 26-28, 2002.

I've been lucky enough to earn credentials for all three USGPs. This is a shot of the media center at 7:30 am when it's almost deserted. The facility seats about 400 and it was not full. The Speedway is trying to make things easy for journalists which is not done by very many racing facilities

Speedway meida center

David Couthard, Niki Lauda, Rubens Barrichello, and Juan Pablo Montoya in the regular Thursday morning press conference. Lauda was very forthcoming about Jaguar's problems and the ongoing solutions. He also said the current Cosworth engine is a 72 degree V-10 and would go to 90 degrees for next year. This is an attempt to lower the CG of the car, which is about the only sure way to get more grip. I was told by an engine guy that the bank angle didn't really matter to them, they could make it just about anything. With trade-offs of course.

Press conference

Barrichello was late to the press conference and left immediately after while the other guys gave interviews. Here's Montoya.

Juan Montoya giving an interview

A close-up of an amazing man.

Niki Lauda 

DC, the good soldier, does his duty.

David Couthard

The undisputed King of F1 enters his royal court.

Michael Schumacher

Derek Daly questions Rubens Barrichello after his Friday am crash. Either a tire or a wheel failed just before the last corner, the Indy 500 Turn 1. I don't see how it could have been a tire because he was on his out lap.

Rubens Barrichello and Derek Daly

Montoya was very visible and approachable. Here he sits with a group of journos. This is the area between the pit-lane garages and the team offices behind us. Farther behind us is a row of garages that are used for team meals. This area is open to anyone with a paddock pass. I'm told this is very different from most GPs where access is much more restricted.

Montoya again

Is he relaxed or what?

Montoya sitting and talking

Eddie Irvine talks to an Arrows guy. It's rumored he will drive for Arrows next year. Eddie Jordan has already rehired Gary Andrson for his technical team so it will be like going home to Irvine.

Eddie Irvine



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