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uploaded 7/19/2000

Springfield Mile Start Page

Monday, May 29, 2000

The Springfield Mile was billed as The First Mile of the Millennium. Promoted by the Illinois Motorcycle Dealers Association as a part of The U.S. Flat Track Championships sponsored by Progressive Insurance.

Motorcycle racing returns to Springfield this coming Labor Day, September 1-3. A national short-track shootout will race Saturday on a newly-built half-mile track. The Springfield Mile National is on Sunday.

Scott Parker, the winningest rider in the history of the AMA and the winner of more Springfield Miles than any other rider (13), will come out of retirement for the Labor Day event.

The Paddock: The machines. Uploaded 7/19/2000.

The Crowd: Bikes and bikers. Uploaded 7/19/2000.

The Tires: Tire cutting artistry. Uploaded 7/19/2000.

The Race: A crash puts Chris at the back. Springsteen wins his first ever Springfield Mile. Uploaded 7/19/2000.



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