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Phoenix Trip Report

by Paul Haney

The Indy Racing League race event at Phoenix International Raceway ran from Friday, March 26 through Sunday March 28. NASCAR Trucks, Winston West, and Formula 2000 also competed at this event. I flew to Phoenix on Thursday and returned to Redwood City Saturday night. I'll post three trip reports: IRL, Trucks, and F2000.

Truck report page 1: Uploaded 3/30/99. First page of three, lots of photos.

Formula 2000 page 1: Uploaded 3/31/99. Two pages with photos of cars and future stars.

IRL report page 1: Uploaded 4/3/99. Three pages of photos.

The Race on TV

I really enjoy going to a race or test. I learn a lot just watching and talking to people. For me the race is an anticlimax and I'd rather watch it on TV. That's why I flew home Saturday night. Unfortunately this race had so many crashes it got boring. I was taping it anyway so I left the VCR running and ran some errands. Later I could fast forward it and watch the interesting spots.

All the IRL races are survival contests because of all the crashes and miscues. This time it was Scott Goodyear and the Kelly Racing team who survived. Maybe there will be an IRL race this year with so many crashes that Marco Greco might win. NAH!

This was a new TV announce crew and I thought they did OK. Jack Arute brings a lot of enthusiasm and basic racing knowledge. Dave Calabro sounds like a talking head but he was OK too. Arie Luyendyk doesn't speak very clearly but he saw exactly what was happening on the track when the others were just guessing. I don't know why you would want to have a race announcer who was NOT a former race driver. Anybody can learn to do the announcer job.

Calvin Fish is always good as a pit announcer. He's another former driver. One of Chris Economaki's pet peeves is pit announcers showing off by asking long questions. I'd hate to hear what he has to say about Vince Welch.


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