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updated 4/11/2001


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CART Long Beach Trip Report: Uploaded 4/11/01. One page for now, more coming.

Commentary on the life and death of Dale Earnhardt. Uploaded 4/2/01.

I updated the Links Page adding and

William C. Mitchell, just Bill to those of us who know him, is a software designer working in racing for at least 15 years. If you need to know where your roll centers are Bill's software will tell you. Of course you have to accurately measure your car first, but you don't have anything else to do in the winter.

Dave Vizard is the technical editor on and his article on TK7 fuel additive is extremely informative. My opinion is all that kind of stuff is voodoo snake oil but Dave's exhaustive (literally!) testing has me looking in local parts stores to buy some.

Coming Soon:

Report on Ohlins 7-post shaker visit.

Report on test at Reynard shaker in Indy.

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