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updated 3/12/2017

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These are links to web pages I find interesting. I'll add more. Any suggestions? : Morse Measurements, near Charlotte, NC, specializes in Kinematic and Compliance testing, better known as K&C testing. I've visited their facility and feel their test rig has some specific capabilities that help racers and race teams develop setups that are uniquely high in performance. This is the site where I get my motorsports news. They cover all the major racing series. I like to watch the bikes also especially MotoGP and especially now that Marc Marquez is riding. Watching how riders adapt to changing tire and bike technology is exciting. : A source for coils springs, composite leaf springs, and suspension hardware. They've got some great tech tips. : A non-profit website that covers ARCA Racing Series news and history. : This is a NASCAR rumor/news/fan site with a lot of interesting stuff. Many racing links. : Jay Morris is a very interesting guy. He's had a street-car mod business for 20 years and he's an SCCA club racer. Jay couldn't find a good damper for cars with struts so he designed and made his own. He offers up some good handling advice on his site. : A manufacturer of precision dampers, Ohlins provides a lot of info on this site. Take a look at the manuals you can download. : Helical coil springs for racecars. Suspension modifications for road cars. : Racecar parts in four languages!





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