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uploaded 7/19/2000

The Race

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After the heat races a water truck wet the track down and some trucks circulated to iron it out again.

Start, getting off the line

Right at 5 o'clock the green flag dropped and the riders roared off the start line.

Start, getting going

Some got better starts than others.

Heading toward Turn 1

Here's a shot over the heads of the crowd in the stands.

Turn 1 for the first time.

They go into Turn 1 for the first time. They strung out on the back stretch and then traded places going into Turn 3. The crowd was on its feet as the bikes buzzed by us and headed for Turn 1 again. But a bike in the middle of the pack went down and several riders slid hard into the bales. One bike vaulted the fence. I saw Chris go down and then get up and right his bike. Not all the riders got up.

Larry Pegram's bike had broken the pivot bolt and his loss of control caused the wreck. Two riders were injured seriously enough to be transported to a hospital.

Jay Springsteen watches the repair.

Everyone else gathered in a "hot box" to make repairs. Chris' bike needed new exhaust pipes. Kenny Tolbert, with help from other crews, bent the seat back into shape and installed a new exhaust system.

Chris interviewed after crash.

Chris was interviewed again during the red flag.

Chris works his way toward the front.

At 5:30 the race restarted with 21 laps to go. Chris had to start from the back but worked his way back through the pack. Here he's going past a rider on his way to the front.

Springsteen wins! Chris is third.

In a thrilling race Jay Springsteen won his first Springfield Mile. The crowd roared its approval. Chris finished third. All in all an amazing event.


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