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uploaded 4/27/99

SCCA Trans-Am at Long Beach

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New Huffaker Trans-Am car

That's Joe Huffaker, the tall one in the middle. The team is Huffaker Qvale Motorsports based at Sears Point Raceway. The car is a Ford Mustang.

Gentilozzi car side view

Have a look at those headers. Whatever it takes to make all the runs the same length.

Paul Gentilozzi also built his own Ford Mustang. I asked him why he switched from the Corvette he used to dominate the series last year. "There was a lot of heartburn over the Corvette because it was so fast. We felt like we had something to prove so we decided to build a Mustang like everybody else. We'll still beat them."

He did win this first race.

Front suspension

Those are JRZ shocks. They use a large diameter shaft to generate a lot of damping in the reservoir and that's why the reservoir is so long. Pretty hefty anti-roll bar.

Look how much space is taken by the exhaust system and muffler. Paul G. told me they tried to make the chassis stiff and spread the loads.



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