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uploaded 2/23/2000

Autosport Show

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This show runs for four days. On Thursday and Friday only "trade" is allowed-people who are involved in racing with teams or suppliers. Saturday and Sunday is open to the general public. Autosport magazine is a typical Brit rag, heavy on the hype, so the show is glitzy and celebrity-heavy. The Autosport Engineering Show runs the first two days only in a hall adjacent to the bigger show and has smaller technical exhibits. Racecar Engineering magazine sponsors this part of the show.

Autosport Show

83,000 people visited the show during the four days.

Ferrari F1 car

Formula 1 racecars were prominent at the show. Here's a Ferrari on a stand. In the back ground is a row of simulated pit stalls with several F1 teams represented.

Ferrari from the rear

Another view of the Ferrari.


A Williams in BMW livery sits in one of the simulated pit boxes.

A  Jordan

And a Jordan.


And a pair of McLarens.

Pink Fluff

A bit of fluff.

Pi Research booth

The Pi Research booth on the main floor.

Fluff with driver

I should have brought my drivers suit!

Fluff with Guy

I was too embarrassed to get my photo taken with the girls. Darn!



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