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uploaded 5/7/99

Eagle 997 Aero Details

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Here's two photos repeated from the David Bruns page of the Long Beach report.

Eagle right side view

This photo shows the right side of the Eagle 997 in road-course trim. The fairing in front of the rear tire is interesting as is the notch in the top of the rear-wing end plate.

Eagle rear view

This rear view shows the engine and turbocharger waste gate exhaust openings high on the sides of the engine cover instead of down next to the diffuser as in other chassis designs.

Eagle at Nazareth

This left-side photo of the Eagle in speedway trim shows the small wings required by CART rules for one-mile ovals and speedway tracks. Notice the small vane on the outer shoulder of the front of the sidepod. This also shows the relatively open underwing inlet compared to the other chassis.

Eagle rear-tire fairing

A detail of the fairing in front of the rear tire.

Eagle air scoop

It took me a while to figure this out and I might still be wrong. This is the right side of the sidepod below the engine cover. The front opening is a scoop for engine air. The turbocharger compressor is mounted there just inside the engine cover. Behind that scoop this device is concave leading to another inlet. I think this acts like a NACA duct spoiling air into an inlet for cooling air for the elevated exhaust system. The engine inlet scoop has some drag penalty but putting that other inlet behind it might increase cooling flow without any additional drag. Very clever!



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