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uploaded 5/25/2000

The Ganassi Boys

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Jimmy Vasser and Julian Robertson

Jimmy Vasser waits with his engineer Julian Robertson. That's Ganassi Managing Director, Tom Anderson, on the right. These people are some of the most competent at what they do in all of racing. And they'll all three look you in the eye and talk straight to you. I hope Jimmy wins the 500!

Bill Pappas and Juan Montoya

Bill Pappas engineers Juan Montoya's car. While most of the drivers are totally puckered up at the Speedway Montoya is like a kid in a candy store. He's an amazing talent and the odds-on favorite to win the race.

Montoya making a face

For example, here he is making a face at a crew member while his girl friend talks to Bill Pappas. You can see the big-screen TV at the upper left showing a car on course.

Jimmy Vasser in car

Jimmy Vasser gets some attention from his very able crew. They came right off the plane from Japan to the Speedway. After the race at Nazareth they'll fly back to Indy for the 500. Ganassi is the only CART team with enough people (thanks to funds from Target and Toyota) to pull off an Indy 500 entry along with the busy CART schedule.

Vasser in Turn 1

 Jimmy in Turn 1. Good luck, Dude!



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