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uploaded 5/25/2000

Indy Pole Day

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Menard, Ray, Knapp

That's John Menard on the left talking to Team Manager and Engineer Tom Knapp, and driver Greg Ray. Greg, a subscriber to my newsletter, earned the pole position. That's Menard's deal, getting the pole. For years he funded, with money from Buick, turbocharged, pushrod engines that had the power to fight for the pole but always handgrenaded early in the race.

Knapp and Gordon

Tom Knapp also engineered Robby Gordon's car. Robby will compete in the Indy 500 the morning of May 28 and then fly to Charlotte for the 600. Last year he ran the CART race on Saturday crashing and bruising his leg, then flew to Indy for the 500.

Scott Sharp in Turn 1

Scott Sharp, also a TVM subscriber, held the best lap time for a while.

Jack Arute, Scott Sharp

During that time he was mobbed in pit lane. Here he's interview for ABC by Jack Arute. The guy in the cap at the right leaning on the tool box is Scott Badenoch, ex Newman-Haas engineer now working for Delphi.

Mark Dismore

Mark Dismore ready to go on track.



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