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uploaded 8/29/99

Team Gordon:Brian Berthold Returns

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Team Gordon's Eagle

Robby Gordon entered a Toyota-powered Gurney Eagle for this Chicago race. That's three different chassis for Robby this year. He started with a Swift. Switched to a Reynard and now tries an Eagle.

Robby waits to go on track

Robby chose to stay with the avian graphics when he painted the car in his team colors.

Robby in Turn 4

Robby in Turn 4.

Brian Berthold consults with his driver/team owner

Brian was Robby's choice earlier this year when the team was first coming together. I reported this in February when the team shook down their new Toyota-Swift at Laguna Seca. Click this link Team Gordon Laguna to check out that report. Click the BACK button to return or do the home page/news page/Chicago start page route.

Brian talks to the crew

Brian talks to the crew about a change to the car. The other white shirt is Gerald Tyler, engineer for All American Racers. They are trying to develop the Eagle chassis and Gerald served as DAG, Data Acquisition Guy, for Team Gordon at Chicago, hoping to learn from another driver/engineer combination.

Brian happy in his work

Is this guy having fun, or what? In a few days I'll upload an interview with Brian in a few days. We talked about his leaving and returning to Team Gordon, and experience with the Swift chassis.



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