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uploaded 6/24/2017

Who Is Paul Haney?

 Paul first attended drag races and sports car races in Texas in the 1950s. A passion for cars and curiosity about how they worked led to a mechanical engineering degree followed by several decades in the aerospace, materials, and electronics industries.

During the 1980s Paul became involved in racing, working for several racing businesses and writing for motorsports publications. Paul has published three books and a web site, The first two books were Inside Racing Technology and Inside Racing. Paul's latest book, The Racing & High-Performance Tire, co-published with the Society of Automotive Engineers in April 2003 is the result of 20 years trying to figure out how tires work and how a car uses them for handling and control.

Paul now works with race teams and presents seminars and webinars on tires and basic vehicle dynamics. He provides understandable explanations of how tires work on a car. He explains the viscoelastic nature of tires and rubber friction so that racers can get the most from their tires and lower lap times.

A member of the planning committee of the SAE Motorsports Engineering Conference and Exhibition, Paul chaired the MSEC vehicle committee in 1998. He also served as a Design Judge in Formula SAE competitions. Paul taught an Associate Engineering course at a state university.

"A four-wheel vehicle with tires, shocks, and a human driver is an extremely complicated system." Haney says, "This complexity is one reason why people find motor racing so interesting. Even as more people better understand the chassis and aerodynamic components of racing technology, how tires work on a car remains mysterious. Experienced racers know how tires behave but they don't know the whys. I offer understandable explanations trying to counter the general lack of information and correct some common misconceptions."


Paul Haney
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