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uploaded 3/18/2005

San Francisco Region SCCA

March 12, 2005

Here's an email I relieved from a seminar attendee. Thanks, Jim!

Hi Paul,

I attended your seminar this past Saturday and enjoyed it tremendously, so I just wanted to say thank you for all the information. I ordered your book a few months ago, and now after your seminar, I realize that I need to reread it once more.

Thanks again.

Jim Lepetich

That was just one of the many favorable comments I heard from people that day. The audience was varied including people just starting racing up to professional race engineers.

The board of directors of San Francisco Region SCCA wanted to provide more events for members who are drivers. Blake Tatum thought a seminar on tires and basic vehicle dynamics would interest drivers trying to learn more about racing. Blake was right!

Nice big room

64 people paid to attend this seminar and stayed the whole day asking great questions and participating in some lively discussions. This was the perfect audience for this seminar. They have experience with racecars and tires but haven't had access to good information.

The room is filling up

SF Region officials were very pleased with the turnout.

Racing is extremely complicated involving tires, shock absorbers, and a human driver among other complex variables.

Racers spend a lot of money on tires. They need to know more about them.



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