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How Tires Work on a Car

Here are some links to articles I've written explaining some tire behaviors that are not obvious or even counter intuitive.

Verstappen in the Wet: how to find more grip, wet or dry.



Paul's book, The Racing & High-Performance Tire, is the best source of information for racers and engineers on how tires work on a car.

More book detail on this page. Including three excerpts that appeared in Sports Car magazine.

Book order information on this page.


Seminars on Tires & Handling: Read the event reports. Seminar content continues to expand as I learn more about tires and racecar handling.

Don't you need to know more about tires and how they work on a car? Call or email Paul to schedule an event.

Because of these webinars I was interviewed by Michael Allen of the website. Here's the link.


Links Page: Updated 8/5/2013. A selective list of web pages I find interesting and informative.


IRT Archives Page: Updated 5/11/2013. Trip reports and technical articles starting in 1999. This is the majority of content on the site.

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